R.I.P. Champ, it’s been almost a year and I really wish you were still here. Love ya bud. 🐶👼
Noise / Pest
Hiroe Aub

*UNUSED* The Rival Mob design."Boot Party"Illustrator. 2014.

Saturday afternoon handstyle practice. “Manifest Decimation”. Dedicated to @justin_toguys @blake.ibanez @agolf_lover @fullyretarded
AUB by +Russ on Flickr.


Coke Bust | Another Fucking Problem

Work, death, bills, debt, time, life, stress. Fuck, when will it end? I am just a simple man. I do everything I can to keep the peace, make ends meet, make it work, make you see. Stability, health, future, fights. Done it all clean, obeyed all their rules. I try my best but I still seem to lose. I’m in over my head, and I can’t seem to solve them.

Just another fucking problem.

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August 5th.